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People are crucial to the growth and prosperity of any enterprise. The success of an organization hinges largely on her human capacity. A weak workforce will at best make a business a weak business at worst it’ll make it bankrupt. 

At People Edge Consulting, we believe in the power of the human potential. Even more, we believe in harnessing this into a productive force which brings about mutual benefit to the individual as well as to the organization. 

Today when organizations struggle to keep up with the pace of change in the business environment, and when sustaining advantage proof to be even more elusive, it is imperative, that organizations and their people keep abreast with current skills and knowledge which can impact directly on the business given the same an opportunity to thrive and stay ahead of the competition.  

even though the psychology pact of both employee and employer continue to evolve, the inherent needs of these parties remain the same; the quest for proficiency exploration on the one hand and the need for profitability on the other. 

We ensure that there is a perfect synergy of these aspirations resulting ultimately in the overall health and …of our client’s organization. 


We provide organizations and their work force with personal productivity knowledge and skills requisite for exceptional performance. 

We develop intervention programs for organizations desiring positive change or fresh drive in the attainment of corporate goals and objectives.

We provide motivation techniques and tools which organizations may deploy in harnessing the creative and innovative energies of their workforce engaging the same towards the actualization of organizational goals and aspirations.



Our tailor made solutions make our services useable. By listening and analyzing, we design and customize first class training programs to meet the unique needs of our clients. 

Weather the training is on site or off site we see to it that we exceed our client’s expectations with respect to delivering positive change that impacts directly on their competitive advantage. 

Our major value proposition lies in ensuring that our clients’ objectives are met through our unique feedback system.

We offer solutions to professionals, executives and business owners in all spheres of business. We partner with our clients and focus on their individual personalized development needs.

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